Series 2MAF

Frequencies up to about 1000GHz

2MAFxx diodes are developed for frequencies up to about 1000GHz. They feature ultra-low junction capacitance and strongly reduced geometry, which make them best suitable for operation at sum-mm-waves and THz frequencies.

The 2MAFxx structure represents two varistor anodes, connected in anti-parallel scheme, and two contact pads.

2MAFxx diodes are fabricated by so-called “Film-Diode” technology and implemented on 5µm-thin resin substrate with dielectric constant of 2.8. This technology process has been particularly developed at ACST for mm-wave and THz frequencies and allows for ultra-low parasitics of the diode structure, and hence, ultimate performance at sub-mm-waves and THz frequencies.

The anodes are fully passivated against harsh environment. Contact pads are gold finished.

Technology used for fabrication of 2MAFxx diodes is similar as used for fabrication of space-qualified diodes for ESA space mission MetOp-SG, which is one of most stringent space missions concerning reliability issues.

2MAFxx diodes can be mounted onto submount substrate by flip-chip soldering or gluing/sintering using conductive epoxies.

Due to particular material system and fabrication technology, these diodes survive temperatures up to 250°C without degradation, which may be required for soldering/sintering onto submount substrate.

Available Configurations

Model NumberDelivery StatusData SheetJunction Capacitance Cj0 (fF/anode)Total CTotal Capacitance Ctot (fF)apacitanceCtoSeries Resistance Rs / Differential Resistance Rdiff (Ω)t (fF)Breakdown Voltage Ubd (V)

Two varistors in anti-parallel configuration on 5 µm thick transferred membrane-substrate for ultimate MM/Sub-MM wave performance.

Diode parameters are usually determined for each batch individually and may vary within up to 20% from nominal values. For large ordering quantities customer specifications can be considered. Please ask on availability before ordering.
ACST reserve the right to change the information presented here without notice.