Now-a-day life requests increasingly more volumes of data exchange

However, electromagnetic spectrum is a natural resource and with current demand of data rates the potential at microwave carrier frequencies is practically fully exploited. The way forward to increase transmission data rates is to increase the carrier frequency. MM-wave/THz frequency range offers huge bandwidth, which offers great opportunities for high-rate data transmission.

Here is worth to note, that the typical approach for data transmitters (Tx) is data modulation of carrier frequency at low-power level and then amplification of the modulated signal to the required power level. However, currently there is no commercial supplier of high-power amplifiers (HPA) at frequencies >100GHz. Therefore, available options are one of following:

Using traditional approach

Using traditional approachof mixing the modulation signal with the carrier frequency in a frequency mixer. ACST high-power mixers may achieve up to 0dBm data modulated output power. When an HPA technology available, this power can be increased up to desired level.

Direct modulate

Direct modulatethe carrier frequency generated by mm-/submm-wave sources  or AMC-s. Available modulation approach is currently frequency-shift keying (FSK). Currently ACST is working on alternative direct carrier modulation approaches like ASK or PSK. Information on availability of direct high-power mm/submm-wave carrier modulators will be advertised when available. Stay informed and subscribe to our newsletter.

Modulate the data

Modulate the data signal on a carrier below 100GHz, where HPA technology is available. Then upconvert the modulated signal to a higher frequency using passive frequency multipliers. This approach does not allow for full usage of some modulation schemes but allows for data transmission at higher frequencies than allowed by availability of HPA technology.

On receiver (Rx) site one can use either an enveloped detector or a frequency mixer. Various WG Components are always required for customized system assembly.