Schottky diodes optimized for operation in varactor mode

ACST offers several types of Schottky diodes, optimized for operation in varactor mode at mm-waves and THz frequencies.

They differ in structure layout, number of anodes, dedicated frequency range, and mounting approach. ACST varactor diodes feature high breakdown voltage, low series resistance, and maximal modulation ratio of the junction capacitance.

These parameters make them best suited for building frequency multipliers (frequency up-conversion) but they are also suited for other applications like phase shifters, RF resistors, switches, power detectors, etc.

Product List

Series 15VA

15VAxx diode structure is developed for frequency multipliers up to 500GHz. This represents a so-called “T-structure” with two in series-connected varactor anodes per each arm and three contact pads.

Series 4VSF

4VSFxx diodes are developed for frequencies up to about 250GHz. Geometrically they are relatively large for easy handling and mounting procedures.

Series 5VA

The 5VAxx structure represents three in series connected varactor anodes and two contact pads.