Series 4DSF

Frequencies up to about 250GHz

Under development.

4DSFxx diodes are developed for frequencies up to about 250GHz. Geometrically they are relatively large for easy handling and mounting procedures. The 4DSFxx structure represents a single low-barrier anode and two contact pads.

4DSFxx diodes are fabricated by so-called “Film-Diode” technology and implemented on 5µm-thin resin substrate with dielectric constant of 2.8. This technology process has been particularly developed at ACST for mm-wave and THz frequencies and allows for ultra-low parasitics of the diode structure, and hence, ultimate performance at mm-waves and THz frequencies.

The anode is fully passivated against harsh environment. Contact pads are gold finished.
One of alone-standing features of 4DSFxx diodes is their suitability for mounting in the surrounding circuitry not only by soldering/gluing by conductive epoxies but ALSO by thermosonic compression. The second option is unique for mm-wave and THz diodes and allows for easy and reliable attachment of diodes onto circuitry substrates.