Frequency Mixers (SHM, EHM, OHM)

ACST offers a set of millimeter and sub-millimeter wave product up to 330 GHz covering a frequency range from 40–540 GHz with state-of-the-art performance. Frequency is not a limitation for ACST capabilities and this frequency range can be adapted to customer requirements. Frequency levels in development up to 1100 GHz are part of our near future development.

Harmonic Mixers/Subharmonic Mixers

ACST has developed low noise, low conversion loss sub-harmonic mixers exhibiting large IF and RF bandwidth. They internally generate the second or third harmonic of a local oscillator for either up or down-conversion.
Furthermore, these mixers require small local oscillator power levels, allowing for near THz applications where local oscillator power is scarce.
They intrinsically feature extremely high isolation between local oscillator and RF.

Product List

ACST GmbH Frequency Mixer

Sub Harmonic Mixers

ACST’s subharmonic mixers are specially developed to reduce the noise figure and local oscillator power requirements. They can be used for up or down convert signals