Series 3MAS

Frequencies up to about 500GHz

3MASxx diodes are developed for frequencies up to about 500GHz. They feature ultra-low junction capacitance but relatively large pad geometry for easier handling and mounting procedures.
The 3MASxx structure represents two varistor anodes, connected in anti-parallel scheme, and two contact pads.

3MASxx diodes are fabricated by traditional planar technology and implemented on thinned down to 20µm s.i. GaAs substrate. Air-bridge interconnected mesas provide for a low parasitic capacitance and are fully passivated against harsh environment. Contact pads are gold finished. Technology used for fabrication of 3MASxx diodes is similar as used for fabrication of space-qualified diodes for ESA space mission MetOp-SG, which is one of most stringent space missions concerning reliability issues.

3MASxx diodes can be mounted onto submount substrate by flip-chip soldering or gluing/sintering using conductive epoxies.
Due to particular material system and fabrication technology, these diodes survive temperatures up to 250°C without degradation, which may be required for soldering/sintering onto submount substrate.

Available Configuration

Model NumberDelivery StatusData SheetJunction Capacitance Cj0 (fF/anode)Total CTotal Capacitance Ctot (fF)apacitanceCtoSeries Resistance Rs / Differential Resistance Rdiff (Ω)t (fF)Breakdown Voltage Ubd (V)

Two varistors in anti-parallel configuration on 10 µm thick semi-insulated GaAs substrate for ultimate MM/Sub-MM wave performance

Diode parameters are usually determined for each batch individually and may vary within up to 20% from nominal values. For large ordering quantities customer specifications can be considered. Please ask on availability before ordering.

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