A wide range of passive waveguide components.

Waveguide straights, transitions, couplers, bends and antennas are available to enable the user to create flexible arrangements for customized systems.

They may be applied as interconnects or transitions between the various waveguide bands, for signal attenuation and in case of the horn antenna, as coupling element from waveguide to free space.

Machined to high precision they feature low surface roughness in the signal path and in conjunction with their high purity gold plating low loss devices are guaranteed.

Furthermore, a well established quality assurance process results in high repeatability of well-matched flange interconnects.
Depending on the component, their availability reaches into the THz-range.

Available passive WG Components

  • WGD Adapter (Custom design)
  • Twist/E-Field 45 or 90 degree rotators (Custom design)
  • WGD Bends (Custom design)
  • WGD directional coupler (Custom design)
  • WGD Power dividers (Custom design)Further models will follow shortly.
  • WGD Horn Antennas
  • WGD Tapers

Product List

Horn Antennas

Waveguide Antennas as „Pyramidal Horn Antennas“ and „Diagonal Horn Antennas“ in their corresponding waveguide bands into the THz range.


ACST offers Passive Waveguide Components in their corresponding frequency bands and adapters between bands.