Planetary research and Radioastronomy

Spectroscopy in mm-wave/THz range uses so-called “fingerprint” information, which allows for remotely identification of material, its temperature and pressure.

In fact, the interstellar space is full of THz radiation, containing a lot of information concerning formation and development of our universe but also concerning processes occurring on planets. For instance, to identify presence of water vapors in the upper atmosphere of a planet may be enough to investigate the spectrum of reflected radiation in THz range.

This investigation can be performed either by ground-based instruments like is mm-wave/THz telescopes like ALMA, or by space-based instruments like JUICE.

ACST offers AMC-s as Local Oscillator sources and highly sensitive MixAMC-s as receivers for both terrestrial based and space applications for radioastronomy and planetary research. ACST also offers service for development of dedicated Transmitters and Receivers at frequencies up to 1.5THz and beyond.