Frequency Extenders for VNA (VNAX)

Network Analyser Extenders and Vector Network Analyser (VNA) Extenders are broadband transceivers.

Full S-Parameter VNA Extenders

Network Analyser Extenders and Vector Network Analyser (VNA) Extenders are broadband transceivers with additional reference signal output suitable for interaction with a Network Analyzer.

They extend the operating frequency range of Network Analyzers into the mm-wave and submm-wave range. Full S-Parameter Extenders are used with Vector Network Analyzers (VNA’s) and comprise transmission as well as reflection channels allowing evaluation of phase and amplitude behavior in the transmitted and reflected signal.

Scalar Network Analyzer Frequency Extenders

Numerous down-sized Network Analyzer Extender solutions are possible, to either interact with the Scalar Network Analyzers or to constitute a more economical solution for VNA extension, where solely amplitude behavior of a transmitted or reflected signal is of interest.

Available options for VNA -Extenders with resulting S-parameters:

  • Full Two-Port: (S11; S12 and S21; S22)
  • Transmission -Reflection: (S11 and S21)
  • Transmission: (S21)
  • Reflection: (S11)

Calibration Elements and Kits for Network Analyzer Extenders

All standard waveguide calibration elements for Network Analyzers are available from ACST. They may be obtained as single elements or in a kit with S-parameter data on a memory stick.

Standard calibration kit CK60 content is as follows:

  • 1x Load
  • 1x Short
  • 1x Shim (λ/4)
  • 1x Straight Waveguide (50 mm Länge)
  • 8x Flange screws (UNC 4-40 with 3/32" head
  • 1x Hex head driver for UNC-4-40 with 3/32" head
  • 12x Flange pins
  • 1x Memory stick with s-parameters/calibration data for each waveguide device

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