Reliability Testing

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With its space-related activities, ACST has developed a wide range of expertise in reliability testing and failure analysis of semiconductors, materials and related components. All environmental tests provide options, as biasing and electrical monitoring, as well as clean nitrogen atmosphere (except HHHT). Facilities for testing and inspections (optical and electrical) are in-house at ACST, with an ISO Class 8 environment.

Tests available:

  • High humidity, high temperature (HHHT)
  • High temperature storage (max. 180 °C)
  • Thermal cycling ( -70 to 180 °C)

A special benefit for customers is ACST’s high qualification in semiconductor fabrication and assembly. In case of abnormalities during the test, technology-specialists can consult the customer in terms of materials and design.

This combination of testing-facilities, testing equipment for semiconductor devices and wafer properties, and deep technology-insight is a unique benefit for any customer.