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“Schottky Diode based High-Power High-Efficiency 475-520 GHz Source
and Applications”

At the “Optics and Photonics Congress 2021” in Korea (July 4-7) ACST CEO Dr. Cojocari informed in his presentation about “Schottky Diode based High-Power High-Efficiency 475-520GHz Source and Applications”. To watch the full video please click on the image on the right side.



“High-power multiplier technology at ACST GmbH”

Watch the talk ACST CEO Dr.-Ing. Oleg Cojocari held about Terahertz Technology and the recent achievements of ACST GmbH in field of generation and detection of THz signals at TeraApps. Please click on the image on the right side.



ACST Contributions for ISSTT 2018

ACST contributed to ISSTT 2018 with 2 talks and 1 poster. You can find a copy of the submitted proceedings about our High Power Multipliers and High Performance Transceiver at 300 GHz.