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ACST offers a set of THz sources based on the active multiplication chain approach to provide high power signals beyond 100 GHz. These sources can be use as transmitters for single or multi-pixel applications and the current offer goes up to 360 GHz. ACST sources can be divided in high power and full-band sources. Both kind of sources are based on our special high power multipliers using dedicated Schottky diodes technology. ACST high power sources can provide more than 150 mW and 40 mW power at 150 GHz and 300 GHz, and they offer a bandwidth larger than 25 GHz and 50 GHz respectively. These performances are achieved without any power combining technique placing ACST sources among the most powerful while cheap options in the current THz market. The power handling capabilities of our sources can be increased in a factor of 2 to 4 under customer requirement.

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AMC / Transmitters

ACST Sources represent an Active Multiplier Chain based on high performance Microwave/MM-Wave components, followed by an ACST high-power MM-Wave multiplier. The source is designed and manufactured as a bench top unit to extend the low frequency synthesizer or sweeper without losing all of the functionalities and features. The source is fixed tuned and does not require any adjustment for proper operation. All required voltage biases and current sources are provided by a dedicated power supply unit, which only needs a standard AC power. A TTL modulation port and/or an user-controlled attenuator can be integrated on customer request.

Application Areas:

  • MM-wave FMCW-Radar
  • Active imaging
  • LO Source for MM/SubMM wave receiver arrays
  • High-bit rate data transmission systems

Product Features:

  • High power & Efficiency
  • Large bandwidth
  • Flat response
  • TTL-modulation port (optional)
  • User controlled attenuation (optional)

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