5VAx – Series

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Type 5VAx family of structures are fabricated by ACST planar process on thinned s.i. GaAs substrate. Air-bridge interconnected mesas provide for a low parasitic capacitance and are fully passivated against harsh environment. The 5VAx structure represents three in series connected anodes, optimised for operation in varactor mode. The ACST Varactor Process provides nearly-ideal electrical characteristics, which allow for low losses (high efficiency) and high power-handling capability.

Application Areas:

  • High-power frequency multipliers
  • High-power up-convertors/mixers
  • High-frequency/high power current rectifiers

Product Features:

  • Extremely low reverse current
  • High breakdown voltage (close to theoretical limit)
  • Low shunt (pad-to-pad) capacitance
  • Suitable for flip-chip mounting approach
  • The structure is optimized for highly-reliable operation at MM-Waves

Available Configurations

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Diode parameters are usually determined for each batch individually and may vary within up to 20% from nominal values.

For large ordering quantities customer specifications can be considered.

Please ask on availability before ordering.

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