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Type 3DSFx family of structures are fabricated by ACST Film-Diode (FD) Process. FD-Structures are implemented on a transferred membrane-Substrate, which is just few µm thin and of a low dielectric constant insulator. This allows for a drastic reduction of structure parasitic and, therefore, aims at ultimate performance at MM/SubMM-Waves. Optically-transparent membrane-substrate allows for accurate positioning for diode mounting/assembly.

The 3DSFx structure represents a single-anode Schottky diode, optimised for operation in varistor mode under Zero-Bias Condition. Low differential resistance enables easy matching with 50 Ohm reading electronics, which is of a crucial importance for high-speed electronics (data transmission systems).

Application Areas:

  • Zero-Bias Square-Low (Envelope) Detectors
  • Fundamental Frequency Mixers with Low-LO-Requirements
  • Sub-Harmonically-Pumped Frequency Mixers with Low-LO-Requirements
  • High-Frequency Low-Power Rectifiers

Product Features:

  • Low Noise due to 0V-Bias
  • Low 0V Differential Resistance (easy matching with 50 Ohm reading electronics)
  • Strongly Reduced Shunt (pad-to-pad) Capacitance
  • Suitable for Flip-Chip Mounting Approach
  • Structure geometry optimised for MM/SubMM-Waves applications

Available Configurations

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Diode parameters are usually determined for each batch individually and may vary within up to 20% from nominal values. For large ordering quantities customer specifications can be considered. Please ask on availability before ordering.

ACST reserve the right to change the information presented here without notice.

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