Low – Barrier Diodes

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ACST Low-barrier diodes are optimized for operation under Low- or Zero-Bias conditions. These diodes feature extremely non-linearity of I-V-behaviour around zero-voltage, which is essential for low-noise electronics. Moreover, low-Barrier diodes are also employed for frequency mixers with low Local Oscillator requirements. This allows for considerable reduction of weight and costs and, therefore, is of particular interest for space applications but also commercial products.


Product Features:


  • Low Noise due to 0V-Bias
  • Low 0V Differential Resistance (easy matching with 50 Ohm reading electronics)
  • Strongly Reduced Shunt (pad-to-pad) Capacitance
  • Suitable for Flip-Chip Mounting Approach
  • Structure geometry optimised for MM/SubMM-Waves applications