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The 3DL 12C LS2500 A2 version has an integrated 4GHz amplifier. In fact, the amplifier bandwidth extends up to about 5GHz but with some-how less gain.

This detector version, similarly to the 3DL 12C LS2500 A0 version, has continuously been optimised in collaboration with several European Synchrotron Accelerator researchers during last several years.

The repetition rate of synchrotron pulses is usually few nanoseconds. The 3DL 12C LS2500 A2 detector is optimised for monitoring of such pulses. Figure 1,2 and 3 shows measurement results with 2DL 12C LS2500 A2 detector at Synchrotron BESSY in Berlin. Although the “ringing” effect of this detector was rather strong, the synchrotron research team could quite well resolve separate pulses from a macro bunch.

Figure 1 (click to enlarge)

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The 3DL 12C LS2500 A2 version has less “ringing” effect and separate pulses can even better be resolved. Figure 4 and 5 shows measurement results at synchrotron SOLEIL in France. Unfortunately, the time resolution on these pictures is not very well resolved, but the working staff there is very satisfied with performance of this detector.

3DL 12C LS2500 A2 detector is incorporated in a similar housing and version as the …A1.


Figure 4 (click to enlarge)

Figure 5 (click to enlarge)

Type 3DL 12C LS2500 A2


Technical Specifications  
Lens Diameter (mm) 12
Lens Type Collimated
Antenna Type Log-spiral
Antenna Bandwidth (GHz) 50-2500
Video Amplifier Bandwith (MHz) 50-4000
Power Supply (V) +/- 12
Recommended max. Output Voltage (V) ± 0.25
Current Consumption (mA) 90 max
Responsivity (V/W) 230@70GHz/17@1THz
Noise-equivalent Power (pW/Hz½) 38.8 min
Responsivity measured at (°C) 25

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Application Areas:

  • THz-Imaging Systems
  • Fast THz Screening
  • Monitoring of Short THz Pulses
  • Measurements in Synchrotron Accelerators

Product Features:

  • Ultra-Wideband: 50 GHz – 2.5 THz in Single Device
  • Much Faster than Golay-Cell Detector
  • Much Higher Sensitivity than Pyroelectric Detector
  • Operates at Room Temperature
  • Compact, Low Power-Consumption, Simple Operation

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