Passive WG-Components

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ACST offers Passive Waveguide Components in their corresponding frequency bands and adapters between bands.Custom components are available upon request.

General details

Material: RoHS – compliant
Coating: Gold plated

Flange Type:

  • High precision flange UG387 – Anticocking
  • WG 1.2 and below have additional precision holes

Catalog Models Broadband Tapers to WR-10
Standard length: 25mm

ACST GmbH reserves the right to make changes to the information contained herein without notice.
Customized products are possible, please contact us for more information.

Output Frequency Range (GHz) Model Number Input Ports
50-75 521RA WR-15
60-90 521SA WR-12
75-110 510A WR-10
90-140 521AB WR-8
110-170 521AC WR-6.5
140-220 521AD WR-5.1
170-260 521AE WR-4.3
220-330 521AF WR-3.4
260-400 521AG WR-2.8
325-500 521AH WR-2.2
400-600 521AJ WR-1.9
500-750 521AK WR-1.5
600-900 521AL WR-1.2
750-1100 521AM WR-1.0
900-1400 521AN WR-0.8
1100-1700 521AO WR-0.65
1400-2200 521AP WR-0.51









  • WGD Adapter (Custom design)
  • Twist/E-Field 45 or 90 degree rotators (Custom design)
  • WGD Bends (Custom design)
  • WGD directional coupler (Custom design)
  • WGD Power dividers (Custom design)

    Further models will follow shortly.

    Please contact us for more information.

Please contact us for price information.