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ACST currently offers Waveguide Antennas as „Pyramidal Horn Antennas“ and „Diagonal Horn Antennas“ in their corresponding waveguide bands into the THz range.

Custom values for antenna gain up to 25 dB are available upon request.

  • Gain specified at center frequency (15-25 dB)
  • Other horn types available upon request
  • Please inquire for other dimensions

Customized products are possible, please contact us.

Catalog Models Broadband Pyramidal Horn Antennas

ACST GmbH reserves the right to make changes to the information contained herein without notice.
Customized products are possible, please contact us for more information.

Input Frequency Range (GHz) Input Ports
527R 50-75 WR-15
527S 60-90 WR-12
527A 75-110 WR-10
527B 90-140 WR-8
527C 110-170 WR-6.5
527D 140-220 WR-5.1
527E 170-260 WR-4.3
527F 220-330 WR-3.4
527G 260-400 WR-2.8
527H 325-500 WR-2.2
527J 400-600 WR-1.9
527K 500-750 WR-1.5
527L 600-900 WR-1.2
527M 750-1100 WR-1.0
527N 900-1400 WR-0.8
527O 1100-1700 WR-0.65
527P 1400-2200 WR-0.51









Please contact us for price information.