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ACST frequency mixers are based on own Film-Diode Technology and provide state-of-the-art performance concerning noise and conversion loss. Current product line offers sub-harmonically-pumped mixers around 300 GHz with reduced LO-requirements.

SHM Mixers

ACST’s subharmonic mixers are specially developed to reduce the noise figure and local oscillator power requirements. They can be used for up or down convert signals. The IF frequency features a broad band to provide flexibility for any particular application. The lower frequency of the local oscillator (LO) compared to the radio frequency (RF) signal allows to define even more than 100 dB isolation between them and simplify the complexity of the THz LO source. The low local oscillator power requirement makes ACST’s mixers suitable for array receiver systems.

Application Areas:

  • MM-wave FMCW-Radar
  • Up and down converter
  • Heterodyne reception
  • Active imaging
  • Array Receiver Systems
  • High-bit rate data reception systems

Product Features:

  • Low noise
  • Large bandwidth
  • Flat response

Catalog Models

Band Model Number RF Frequency Range (GHz) LO Frequency Range (GHz) IF Frequency Range (GHz)* DSB Noise Figure (db)* Input LO Power (mW)
Y 310A 270-320 135-160 0-18 5 2.5


RF/LO/IF Ports

*All technical specifications are referred to mixer performance.

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