MM-wave Sources

ACST offers a series of high power MM-wave sources.

Devices consist of an Active Multiplier Chain based on high per-formance Microwave/MM-Wave components, followed by ACST high-power MM-Wave multipliers. The source is designed and manufactured as a bench top unit to extend the low frequency synthesizer or sweeper without losing all of the functionalities and features. The source is fixed tuned and does not require any adjustment for proper operation. All required voltage biases and current sources are provided by a dedicated power supply unit, which only needs a standard AC power. A TTL modulation port and/or an user-controlled attenuator can be inte-grated on customer request.

Application Areas:

  • MM-wave FMCW-Radar
  • Active imaging
  • LO Source for MM/SubMM wave receiver array
  • High-bit rate data transmission systems

Product Features:

  • High power & Efficiency
  • Large bandwidth
  • Flat response
  • TTL modulation port (optional)
  • User controlled attenuation (optional)


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138-151 GHz Source
Preliminary data sheet
275-305 GHz Source

Preliminary data sheet
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